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4 Starter Haircut Ideas!

So you want to finally take the haircut plunge but you don't know where to start! Should you go super short, have bangs, try a bob.... WHAT TO DO??? In this article we highlight 4 of our favorite starter haircuts that we think can work for you!

The Bob

Nothing like a super clean bob! This cut will definitely take you from drab to fab instantly. If you're looking for a not so dramatic cut, the bob is for you!

Photo Credit: @hairbychanellen

The "Mullet"

Dubbed the "Kelly Cut" by pro hairstylist Najah Aziz, this haircut is fun in the front and the back!

Photo Credit: @najahliketheriver


A super cute tapered cut with bangs is always a great look! Easy to maintain and not too short!

Photo Credit: @hairhabitssalon

The Super Short Pixie

If you're gonna cut it, just cut it, right??? Some love a dramatic change and if that's you, then the super short pixie is it!

Photo Credit: @paulabrittstyles

All of these fun cuts can be colored and styled to be unique for you! Find the right hairstylist for you on our instagam page, @TheHaiRazor to get the big chop of your dreams!


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