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5 Fall/Winter Tips For Short Hair

It's getting colder and while some short hair beauties opt to weave or braid it up, I stick it out during the Fall and Winter months. I haven’t been a braids or weave person for maybe over 10 years now so I’ve just figured out how to care for my short hair during this time. Here are a few tips and tricks that I use to make sure my hair (and clients in the past) is still well taken care of during the colder months.

  1. Be light on the heat. This rule goes for all year long but especially during the colder months. Your hair tends to be drier around this time from the weather, hats, scarves, hoods, etc. Adding too much heat to that does not help at all. I know folks love a fresh do all the time however it’s just not realistic. Like I always say, find a hairstyle that works with your lifestyle. Something that will keep your hair healthy and still look good.

  2. Deep condition. Once a month is good, or if your hair is feeling really funky, every 2 weeks! You can let that conditioner sit for a few minutes just under a cap or amp it up a bit under a hooded dryer. There are many conditioners out there but some of my favorite brands are Shea Moisture, Keracare, and Joico.

  3. MOISTURIZE! You won't believe the amount of women that I've talked to that doesn't apply even a drop of oil to their hair during the week!?! Your hair needs moisture. Applying a few drops of oil to your hair routine every few days can go a long way. My favorite hair oil is of course The HaiRazor Hair + Skin Oil. Get your own bottle HERE, it will change your life!

  4. Drink your water! Yep, drink up! Dry skin and hair can often times be because you're not consuming enough water. Drinking at least half your body weight in water each day can improve your skin, hair, nails, girl everything!

  5. Be aware of certain hats and scarves. Especially if they are wool or some harsh fabric. I know as the months get colder, you want to cover your head up with a hat or scarf to avoid getting sick. Choosing hats with a silk or satin lining can avoid breakage and your hair drying out. Avoid scarves with wool in them so that you won't get any breakage around your lower neck hairline.

  6. **BONUS** Be good to yourself! The colder months and holidays can be stressful and stress can lead to hair loss. It's very unfortunate however I've seen it too many times with clients. Don't allow the pressures of this season, meaning some family, so called gift obligations, money, etc to stress you out. Don't get wrapped in the commercialism of Thanksgiving and Christmas because after the holidays are over there is still every day life. Focus on life, family, and just being happy! :-)

Got any other tips that you may do to keep your short hair fly during the colder months? Be sure to share in the comments below!


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