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How Often Should I Get A Relaxer?

How often should I get a relaxer? I get asked this question alllll the time. It's definitely not annoying but it makes me wonder just how much information certain hairstylist are telling their clients. Every woman should know how often she should get her chemical and cut services. As far as relaxers go, it really depends on your hair and the texture. But for an overview, it's recommended that you get a relaxer every 6-8 weeks.

Now I know that can sound crazy, especially when your hair is short and your hair is rolling up in the back. So as a little trick and relief, it's recommended that you get a partial relaxer, the back and sides of your head, every 2-4 weeks in between your 6-8 week relaxer period. A partial relaxer will definitely help with keeping the back and sides of your hair LAID!

Do yourself a favor and save the image below so that you can keep your relaxer times saved in your phone. And last but not least, I always HIGHLY recommend that all chemical and cut services be done by a professional. If you don't have a hairstylist, head over to my Instagram page, @TheHaiRazor, where I feature amazing stylist around the world daily.


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