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How To Fix A Bad Haircut!

It's nothing like a bad haircut, NOTHING! If you gave yourself a bad hair cut, its BAD but if you paid someone and they did, that's even worst!!! There are several ways that you can "beat" a bad hair cut and we're here to show you how!

  1. Get another hair cut! Yep, fix that cut girl! Go shorter, rock a pixie, and have fun until it grows back. Shoot, you may even just like the short pixie and keep it!

  2. Get a protective style. Weave, braids, wigs... oh my! One or all of these options may help you cover up that bad hair cut until it grows out.

  3. Accessorize and grow it out! Rock that ugly cut girl! But keep it cute with headbands, scarves, hats, etc. Check out Ayana's video " 5 Ways To Accessorize Your Pixie Cut" HERE.

We're so sorry that you got a bad hair cut but we do hope these tips help! Also be sure to check out our Instagram page @TheHaiRazor and our Pinterest page to find a new cut and connect with the right hairstylist.


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