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How To Pincurl Your Short Hair At Night

Short hair can take quite some time to maintain on a daily basis, especially if you want that fresh out the salon look. Because of that, it can be very tempting to pull out your curling iron or flat iron every day. If you have some extra length at the top, save some time and your hair from heat by adding pin curls to your nightly routine.

What you'll need:

  1. Hair clips

  2. Rat tail comb (or just use your fingers)

  3. Styling comb

  4. Head wrap and/or bonnet

  5. Satin pillowcase


  1. Comb hair out to loosen up any hair spray or tangled curls.

  2. Take small or large pieces of hair (depending on how tight you want your curl) to start forming a curl.

  3. Start the curl from the ends of your hair and roll all the way to your root.

  4. Secure the pin curl with a hair clip.

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have all the longer pieces of your hair in pin curls.

  6. Secure the back and sides of your head with a head wrap and the cover with a bonnet or you can sleep with your top "lose" on a satin pillowcase.

Need a visual? Check out the tutorial below!


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