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Ask TheHaiRazor: Can You Relax Your Hair While Pregnant?

The biggest question that I get in my dm's is "Can I relax my hair while pregnant"? I often just respond to this question in my dm's but I thought it would be fitting to answer here on the blog as well! So, here we go!

YES, you can relax your hair while pregnant. Now this is my OWN personal opinion BUT when I was pregnant I asked my midwife AND several of my former clients used their doctor and/or midwives while pregnant as well. So I'll just say this, do what works for you and what you are comfortable with. I was very comfortable with relaxing my hair while pregnant. I did however use a professional grade relaxer, space my relaxers out a bit longer and did not permanently color my hair while pregnant. Talk to your doctor during this process and do what works for you. AND make sure to seek out a professional hair stylist for all your hair chemical needs!

I hope this answer helps some soon to be mommas out there! Got a hair and/or business question? Shoot me a DM on Instagram @TheHaiRazor or email me at


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